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Posted 11 January 2013 - 06:43 PM

Larry Allen (G/T), Jerome Bettis (RB), Tim Brown (WR), Cris Carter (WR), Curley Culp (DT/G), Edward DeBartolo Jr. (owner), Kevin Greene (LB), Charles Haley (DE), Art Modell (owner), Jonathan Ogden (OT), Bill Parcells (coach), Andre Reed (WR), Dave Robinson (LB), Warren Sapp (DT), Will Shields (G), Michael Strahan (DE), Aeneas Williams (CB).



The group includes four first-time eligible nominees: Guard Larry Allen, tackle Jonathan Ogden, defensive tackle Warren Sapp and defensive end Michael Strahan.

It also includes last year’s 10 finalists who missed the final cut: Running back Jerome Bettis, wide receivers Tim Brown, Cris Carter and Andre Reed, guard Will Shields, defensive end Charles Haley, linebacker Kevin Greene, cornerback Aeneas Williams along with Bill Parcells and Ed DeBartolo, Jr.
The 15th finalist is former Browns owner Art Modell.

That means the 12 semifinalists (it’s normally 10, but two extras advanced on ties) who did not advance included: Kicker Morten Andersen, safety John Lynch, cornerback Albert Lewis, safety Steve Atwater, coach Don Coryell, running backs Roger Craig and Terrell Davis, tackle Joe Jacoby, linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, former commissioner Paul Tagliabue, special teamer Steve Tasker and executive George Young.

Two senior nominees — former Chiefs and Oilers nose tackle Curley Culp and former Packers and Redskins linebacker Dave Robinson— are voted upon separately, for a maximum class of seven.

WR year FINALLY maybe? Peter King said last year the RB's weren't really close to moving forward on votes. How many of the first-year guys get in?
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Posted 11 January 2013 - 07:54 PM

I'll say Reed, Ogden, Allen, Shields, and either Modell or Parcells.

Carter should be in already, but I don't think he made the top 10 last year, while Reed did.
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Posted 16 January 2013 - 04:23 AM

I think its unlikely that three OL get in. I honestly don't expect two. Jonathan Ogden gets in due to playing LT, but I'd rather see Larry Allen. I'm not big on players who coast the last 5 years of their careers, then get in based on the first five years then hang around long enough to meet the longevity requirement.
Shields gets stuck in the 'other lineman' this year, and waits when he probably shouldn't have.
If Bettis gets in, its for feel-good reasons, not because his career was HOF worthy. Just because people like him doesn't make this Domer worthy of enshrinement.
Strahan seems like a gimme. Didn't spend 5 years coasting (IMO), left before he was 'done', and has a strong career resume.
Carter. Carter. Dunno. I understand he finished very high on several career receiving categories, but just don't see the 'amazing' that says HOF. Played 2nd fiddle to others too much, IMO.
Reed. There are a lot of Bills from that era already in. He was prolific in the Bills' hey-day. 50/50.
DeBartolo Jr. Criminal. I just can't see folks looking past how it ended to see the greatness he created while he was breaking laws left and right.
Curley Culp? Dave Robinson? No idea. Not dissing, just have no clue who these guys are, and why they are worthy. Seems like 1 of the Seniors gets in, and there are already a ton of Redskins in, so the non-skin gets it.
Kevin Greene. Sorry Kevin, only 1 superstar DE per year, and you ain't it.
Charles Haley. See Kevin Greene. I understand all the SBs, but being on a bunch of SB teams speaks to luck as much as talent. Maybe after Strahan gets in.
Art Modell. Now that they kept him out until he died, they welcome one of the great owners home.
Parcells. Nope. Too much of a curmudgeon. He'll wait.
Sapp. Will they make him wait for being a jerk when he was a player? Hard to say. I think he gets stuck in a numbers game due to Strahan getting in, and waits.

Final tally: Ogden, Strahan, Modell, Bettis, and Reed.
Seniors Committee: Culp

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 05:27 PM

Sapp as a first ballot was kinda surprise. I know he was good & worthy but not over 6-time Super Bowl winner Charles Haley IMO
Allen & Ogden both good, just not on same year when other guys still waiting.
Carter deserves it. But so does Andre Reed
Parcels is ok, but Art Model did way more for NFL in big picture
Don't know much bout those senior guys, although I do know Robinson play for Skins at some point (other guy is Curley)

Other non hofers ...
Jerome Bettis- 1day
Tim Brown -
Ed Debartolo, Jr.
Art Modell -should b in
Will Shields
Charles Haley - ashame he isn't in
Kevin Greene
Aeneas Williams -

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